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Baby Massage Classes, Port Talbot

The art of baby massage has been practised since Ancient times and it is now becoming very popular with new parents. 

It is a relaxing enjoyable experience which helps to strengthen the bond between you and your baby.  A massage before bed can help the baby to relax and sleep better which is one of the most popular benefits!  Other benefits include:-


can provide relief from colic pain


helps the baby and you to relax


promotes the growth of strong bones, muscles and lungs


can help set a routine that helps baby to sleep through the night


helps the baby to feel loved and secure


eases anxiety


enhances the babies' wellbeing


eases nasal congestion


can help to ease post natal depression


can promote bonding

Our baby massage classes can be provided 1-2-1 or in a small group. 
Ages: It is ideal for babies aged 6 weeks to children aged up to 5 years. 
Venue: The classes take place at our Centre in Port Talbot in South Wales.
Group Cost: 9 per lesson in a group
Individual Cost:
Prices start at just 24 per session for one to one lessons which can include two adults if required

 Special Offer!
45 for 6 group sessions if paid in advance (get 1 lesson FREE!)

baby massage classes port talbot

Mums and Dads are welcome!

baby massage colic

Baby massage can help bonding and promote a better night's sleep

baby massage - Dads welcome!


We provide all the aromatherapy oils and creams needed for the lessons. 

To book a class please ring Yvonne Perry on 07876 630957

Please note that only certain essential oils can be used on babies so please do not use oils without the advice of an experienced aromatherapist.




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