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Bowen Technique


This is a straightforward, no-nonsense remedial treatment which is non-intrusive, gentle and very effective.  It consists of a sequence of gentle moves over muscles and soft tissue, interspersed with periods of rest. 

It is popular with men and women alike and it can be safely used during pregnancy.

Many of our clients are men with physical jobs such as builders, tradesmen and firemen.

The treatment takes about 45 minutes and most of the work can be performed through light clothing. It should NOT be mixed with other therapies. 

Two or three treatments at weekly intervals are often sufficient to achieve lasting pain relief even if the pain is long standing although some clients do need further treatments.

The Bowen Technique is used to help with back and neck pain, knee problems, sports injuries, RSI, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and respiratory conditions.

Other conditions which respond well to this treatment include chronic fatigue, hayfever, headaches, kidney problems and conditions which require lymphatic drainage. 

It is safe and effective for all ages. > read testimonials from clients

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