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"We would like to thank our clients who have taken the time to give us their feedback on their treatments. We maintain a strict code of confidentiality for all our clients. These quotes and photographs appear with the kind permission of the clients concerned."   Yvonne Perry

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Below are feedback comments from clients who have used the Bowen Technique.  

“I was already a reflexology client of Yvonne's but when I came to see Yvonne with a hamstring complaint that I had had for a few days she performed The Bowen Technique on me. I was finding it very difficult to walk because of the pain and was completely unable to bend. She performed the treatment and I went home feeling a little better but still in pain. The next morning the pain had gone and I was back to normal.

Since then I have also had a shoulder problem which was resolved through The Bowen Technique. The treatment is gentle and relaxing.

I now attend for reflexology one week and a fortnight later The Bowen Technique. I am convinced it is keeping me in good health. I have recommended Yvonne to many people locally, and The Bowen Technique generally when I work away from home.”

Arthur Billington, HGV Driving Instructor and Tennis Coach

“I must have spent Ł300 plus on other therapies such as acupuncture - with no success.  I was constantly taking painkillers as I had a dull ache in my hip.

My friend recommended Yvonne and The Bowen Technique. I was sceptical at first as I thought that this would be no better than any other therapy I had tried. However I was constantly in pain and ready to try anything.

I came to see Yvonne and we went through my medical history. Yvonne then performed The Bowen Technique on me. I went home that evening and had the best night’s sleep I had had for ages. I woke up the following morning and could not believe that all the pain had gone!

I continue to see Yvonne on a regular basis as I feel top up sessions keep me pain free and well. I now call Yvonne my angel in white!”

Louise Jenkins, Local Bank Business Manager

bowen technique feedback

“My wife recommended Yvonne and The Bowen Technique when I was complaining that I was having problems with my knees whilst running.  I also had pain in my shoulder and tennis elbow. I have to remain fit for my job and these problems were preventing me from training properly.

I went to see Yvonne and was extremely sceptical. I really did not believe the technique would work. Amazingly after my second visit I was pain free and able to continue my training more rigorously than before.

I have regular top up sessions to ensure that good health is constantly maintained and I have recommended Yvonne to many people.”

Brian Jenkins, Firefighter




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